3 gennaio 2010

MADE ME SMILE | Benedicte by Littlehouselab

Ph. Lucio Patone

Library cubes with frames and inside decorative textures.
This library is based from the two-dimensional decorative wall frames that has been transformed in a three-dimensional container.
Cubes of different sizes are to be placed as needed.

Little cube 30x30 cm, big cube 40x40 cm.
Material: mdf wood, adhesive pvc.

4 commenti :

  1. Bellissima questa libreria, avessi spazio in camera ci farei addirittura un pensierino..:)
    ps:buon anno!

  2. I love these little blocks! Oh and Happy New Year my dear blogger friend :)
    Feliz Ano Nuevo

  3. great blog, i love it :)


  4. @ Paola
    È modulare, magari un posticino riesci a trovarlo!
    Buon anno anche a te!

    @ SoCalWendie
    Thank you very much!

    @ Natalie
    Thank you, even your blog is very nice!


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